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What are the school fees for attending Stepping Stone School, and are there any financial aid or scholarship options available?

Our monthly school fees are N$4,200, reflecting our commitment to maintaining a high teacher-to-student ratio and delivering quality education. As an independent institution not funded by the government, we rely on private school fees to sustain our personalized approach. While we understand the financial challenges some families may face, we currently have numerous students on waiting lists for sponsorships. It’s important to note that the sponsorship process can take time, and in certain cases, extend over several years. We remain dedicated to exploring opportunities to make our education accessible to as many students as possible while ensuring the excellence of our educational programs.

How can I enroll my child at Stepping Stone School, and what is the admissions process? Please add this page.

To enroll your child, please visit our admissions page on the website for detailed information on the application process. We encourage prospective families to schedule a tour and meet with our admissions team to discuss your child’s unique needs and explore the best educational options for them.

What age groups does Stepping Stone School cater to, and do you offer programs for students with specific neurodiversities other than autism?

At Stepping Stone School, we embrace the diversity of our student body, providing education and support across a wide age spectrum—from as young as 2 to as old as 17+. We pride ourselves on tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each student, fostering a culture of inclusive and specialized learning.
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