School Building Campaign

Shaping the Future for Neurodivergent Children

Stepping Stone’s transformative chapter — the construction of our purpose, a built facility to enhance the educational experience for neurodivergent children.

Almarie’s personal connection to neurodiversity fueled the establishment of Stepping Stone School. The dream began with a little school for children with autism in Swakop. Now, with dedicated families by our side, the need for a specialized education facility became evident.

Namibia Facility Management, led by Richard, undertakes the responsibility of translating our vision into reality. Richard, the Project Manager, brings expertise and commitment to ensure a seamless transition to a new site, a new school, and a space designed for the unique needs of our 120 students.

Stepping Stone School envisions a space where children can learn effectively, irrespective of learning difficulties. With adapted spaces and purpose-built facilities, we aim to witness the development and progress of each child, creating a place of effective education.

Building Project Phases

Project Phases: A Glimpse into the Future
Phase One focuses on constructing four classroom blocks and a quiet room. This foundational step is crucial in shaping the holistic learning environment we envision. To achieve this, we invite sponsors to join us in showcasing corporate social responsibility at a grassroots level.

Phase 1

  • BLOCK A – Classrooms
  • BLOCK B – Indoor Play-room
  • BLOCK C – Classrooms
  • BLOCK D – Classrooms

To complete Phase One, we aim to raise 10 million Namibia dollars. Your sponsorship can make a significant impact — whether for an entire classroom block or specific elements. Your support at this grassroots level will lay the foundation for the entire project’s success.

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead: Beyond the Classroom
Phase One is just the beginning. Our vision extends to Phase Two and Three, where we plan accommodations, vocational training centers, and integration of green technologies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to neurodivergent education.

Phase 2

  • Hydro Room / Splash Room
  • Music & Art Room
  • Food Tech Room
  • Library
  • High School Classroom
  • Board Room
  • Observation Room
  • Therapy Room
  • Administration/Reception / IT
  • Deputy Office/Head Teacher
  • Parking Area
  • And more…

Phase 3

  • Kitchen
  • Yard
  • Services
  • Staff
  • Life Skills Flat x 3
  • Life Skills Garden x 3
  • Vocational Training Classess x 3
  • Assisted Living x 3
  • Associated Site Works

Donation Form

Join Us on this Journey: Make a Difference
Be part of our transformative journey. Your support ensures that neurodivergent children have access to quality education and a supportive community. Together, let’s empower these children to face the world with confidence.

Plan A

Boundary Wall

N$ 395 000.00

Construction of the surrounding boundary wall.


Plan B

Single Classroom

N$ 535 000.00

Construction of a single classroom with ablution facilities.

Plan C

School Block

N$ 1 600 000.00

Construction of a school block: three classrooms, ablution facilities & sensory room.

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